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Lets Engineer Our Future Together

Jimmy Moore is an Autonomous Automation Lead at BMW in Spartanburg, SC, where he is responsible for helping the company apply advancements in robotics to automotive manufacturing. He has over 30 years of engineering and IT experience ranging from 3D CAD modeling to space shuttle payload deployment. His experience and accomplishments drive him to give back to the next generation of emerging engineers with a focus on expanding the pipeline and broadening opportunities for underrepresented groups. To that end, he was instrumental in launching The Bridge Tech, LLC, to train kindergarten through adult students in the latest advancements in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The Bridge Tech engages students in STEM education through research, design, development, and testing of solutions to real world problems (e.g., Mars rover, wind turbines, wind tunnels, fully functioning human androids, electric kit cars and autonomous lawn mowers).

Prior to joining BMW, Jimmy was project lead for a development team that built B-2-B applications for PowerSystems’ e-business group. His work greatly reduced the company’s need to maintain excessive inventory and reduced its overall operating cost. He also served as lead design engineer for Champion Aviation where he designed, built, and tested ignition systems for the aircraft and navy carrier industries.


As an undergraduate, Jimmy was selected as a team member in the NC A&T Student Space Shuttle Program started by the late astronaut Ron McNair where he helped design, build, test, and deploy a NASA payload that flew on shuttle Flight STS-68. He created an analyst program that predicted stress under zero gravity and high temperature and researched, designed, and implemented the insulation jacket based on NASA’s rigid requirements.


Jimmy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mathematics from North Carolina A&T State University, a master’s degree in MIS and Data Analytics from Boston University, and a technical certificate in Automations and Robotics from MIT. He holds additional technical certificates in Splunk, JAVA, ITIL and SAP Solution Management, and SAP Warehouse Management. He has received several awards, including an Unsung Hero Award for his decades of commitment to advancing STEM education for students throughout South Carolina.


Jimmy Moore, CEO

The Bridge Tech Global, LLC

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