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Engineering the future, one solution at a time

Paul H. Levy is currently serving as engineering project coordinator for PME, Technology, and Fire Protection for the Guilford County Schools Peck K-8 Expeditionary Learning School and Claxton Elementary Schools. His clients are in Washington DC, FL, MD, NY, Los Angeles, TX, CO, AL, GA, VA, NC, IL, NJ. He has also performed consulting work in Birmingham, England, British Columbia, Canada, and Israel. He has more than forty years’ experience in large and complex mechanical and electrical construction system design, installation, and operation. Paul is expert in systems, controls, optimizing performance, minimizing operating expenses, reducing capital costs, water reclamation and green energy. He has also represented clients in Electric Rate Utility Cases in CO, NC, and TX. 

He has designed power drive systems for DC and AC motor systems of 3000KW to 5000KW. In his mechanical work, he has managed selecting equipment for mechanical separation technologies, Combined Heat & Power systems, and many environmental solutions. 

His efforts have produced capital cost savings exceeding $40,000,000 and reduced Clients’ operating expenses by $15,000,000/year. His water reclamation projects save over 400,000,000 ltr/year. His energy work has saved over 100,00,000 kwh and 50,000,000 therm of natural gas. 

My Work

Project Experience

Paul has worked on steel mills and support operations with power demands ranging from 5MW to 50MW. He has also worked on data centers with power demands of 25MW to 75MW.

On the heavy industry facilities, he has provided the following:


  1. Recommendations on power procurement which reduces the steel price $1 to $4/ton. Total savings $2,000,000/year.

  2. Obtained a very special power allocation which allowed a 5MW user to reduce the transmission portion of his power bill by $400,000/yr.

  3. Provided advice to an 8MW new facility regarding a negotiation with the utility on avoiding demand charges during the start-up phase of equipment.

  4. Has obtained over $500,000 of refunds for various clients.

  5. Recommended 2000HP matched DC motors which reduced power and usage requirements by 6.18%.

  6. Reduced electricity costs at a portfolio of plants using various methods relating to power measurement, rates, facility changes.

  7. Negotiated with power companies on special rates which allowed the utility to pass savings to the customer. The customer implemented various EMs. The utility helped.

  8. Has worked on cooling tower water reductions and chiller vs tower power system optimizing.

  9. Using modern cooling load analysis and following 90.1 and 62.1, electricity usage was reduced because cooling loads were reduced.

White Bowl

Paul H. Levy, PE, CCxP

Project coordinator for PME

Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA
BME - 1971
With Honors 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Boston, MA SMMS – Sloan School – 1977 With Honors 
Licenses & Certifications:
Professional Engineer North Carolina
NC H-2 License 
BCxA - Certified Cx Professional (1) US Patent Design 
Professional Affiliations ASHRAE – Member ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 – The Commissioning Process 
ASHRAE Guideline 1.2 – Commissioning Process for Existing Systems, Assemblies 
ASHRAE Guideline 1.3 Building Operation & Maintenance Training for The HVAC&R Commissioning Process 
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